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Roof Renovations & Wall Renovations. All Roof Renovations and Wall Renovations are supplied and installed by Xterior UK. We provide property renovation services for homeowners & business premises. We clean, restore and protect the exterior of buildings. All of our products are verified by the Energy Saving Trust and come with a 10-year guarantee.

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Roof renovations can completely transform a property. A house that has moss on its roof tiles or is poorly maintained can make it look unattractive and outdated. If you are selling your house, poor kerb appeal gives potential buyers no confidence in the condition of the rest the property.

Roof renovations go beyond roof cleaning. The roof restoration will instantly change the exterior appearance of your home. It will transform the appearance of your roof to look new and give it a clean, neat appearance. A newly restored roof can increase the value of your house, but it can also make your home more attractive if you are selling it in a highly competitive market.

Our roof and wall renovations are an affordable option During the roof renovation process, we repair leaking roofs & broken tiles and remove moss and debris. During wall renovations, we clean and repair bricks or render before applying our coatings. 

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The Process

Roof & Wall Renovations


Reduce Energy Costs

All of our products are verified by the Energy Saving Trust. Advanced technology enables the coatings to penetrate deep into the roof tiles or wall bricks and creates an invisible barrier of protection.


Color scheme consult

Roof coating colours: Tile Red, Anthracite Grey, Black Blue, Green, Dark Brown, Red Brown & Rustic.
Wall Coating colours: Lily, Devon Stone, Pebble, Polar White and Cotswold Cream. 


Installation explained

We carry out a property inspection to assess the work required and take you through our installation process. This includes roof cleaning & moss removal, repairs, coating application and access required.


Indicative pricing

Your quote will include, cleaning, moss & debris removal, coating applications & repair work.


Estimated timeframe

Depending on the size of your property on average we can complete the work within 1 or 2 days.


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