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Roof Coatings provide high-quality, scientifically developed protection. It prolongs the life of roof tiles and protects them from surface erosion.

Xterior are expert Roof Coating specialists. You don’t have to spend a lot on a new roof. However, you can extend its lifespan with a high-performance coloured roof restoration product.

Our roof coatings systems use unique technology that makes roofs water-resistant, self-cleaning and prevents surface erosion.

There are 6 roof coating colours available for protecting your roof tiles. This waterproof roof paint sealer transforms the appearance of old roof tiles.

We can also use rubber coating for flat roofs. Flat roof coatings and waterproofing roof paint are cost-effective ways to increase the roof’s lifespan. Paints and coatings from Xterior are great for repairing and rejuvenating worn exterior masonry and uPVC surfaces.

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Roof Coatings - The Benefits

We use the very lastest technology for our roof coating system. The protective roof coatings are super hydrophobic which means water rolls of the surface of the roof tile making your roof waterproof. These amazing properties of our roof tile paint means the roof tile also becomes self-cleaning as the dirt rolls of the roof. Another benefit to our roof coatins is that the water intake is reduced and the tiles are resistant to UV radiation therefore protecting the roof from the sun.

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Roof Coatings Application

Our high-quality products are designed to improve the appearance of your roof as well as protecting against the weather.

Roof coatings are made using advanced nanotechnology. This means the molecular structure that is specifically designed for Roof Coatings is very resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Our roof coatings are the best you can buy. When the paint is being manufactured it is combined with pigments using advanced binding agents to ensure our roof tile paints are stable, smooth and provide a great finish for your roof.

Another benefit of our roof coatings system is the prevention of moss growth. Moss, algae and lichens can plague property owners. Especially houses that are close to trees. When we carry out a roof renovation, our roof coatings PREVENT the growth of moss. This is because the molecular structure of the tile paint bonds extremely well with the roof tiles, which makes the roof no longer suitable for moss growth.

The roof coating is also very flexible and can withstand all temperature variations throughout the year. Modern roof coatings are resistant to surface erosion, which ensures a long-lasting life span.

We offer a variety of colours of roof tile paint which are contemporary and modern. There are many different red and brown tones as well as green, blue-black and anthracite. Whatever the architectural style of your house we will have a roof coating to suit you.

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