Roof Renovations

We provide an all-round roof renovation service for residential and commercial roofs. XTERIOR will carry out any roofing repairs required to ensure your roof is in the best condition prior to application of our roof coating product. Our top-quality roof coatings are 100% weatherproof!

The roof tiles can maintain their pristine appearance due to the advanced ‘Lotus Effect’ technology within the roof paint. The Lotus Effect is an additional layer of weatherproofing that protects the underlying tiles or substrates from water intake. Thorough testing has proven that water intake is reduced by around 95%. The roof tile paint also prevents moss and lichen regrowth and provides an additional layer of weatherproofing that protects underlying substrates.

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Roof Coatings

Our specialised coatings turn dirty and unattractive roofs into pristine, shiny roofs with full weather protection.

Roof Moss Removal

Before Roof Coatings are applied we powerwash the roof and carry out various Roof Moss removal steps. The next stage involves a thorough checking of the roof to ensure there are no broken tiles, missing rigdge tiles, degraded pointing and we also check the flashing on the chimney and other areas for damage.

Various Colours

We use the very lastest two-coat technology system. The ultrathin molecules penetrate deep into the tile and bond with the tile surface. This makes it extremely hydrophobic. The roof tile paint is also resistent to UV radiation from the sun.

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